Deprecated RBXScriptSignals Still Used

While browsing the Dev Hub I came across several pages that utilize deprecated RBXScriptSignals.
Such as, :connect(), :wait(), and :disconnect(). Which have been deprecated in favour of :Connect(). :Wait() and :Disconnect() respectively.

The following pages still have the deprecated code listed.

  1. How to disconnect an event connection
  2. How to listen for and respond to a chat event
  3. Add Chat Commands
  4. Sound.Loaded
  5. Setting Players to Full Health

What should be done is have all pages up above updated to use the non-deprecated equivalents of the presently deprecated RBXScriptSignals. While fixing these is very likely minor priority, I have decided to create this topic so that Staff can update the articles when they have the time.


Yeesh some of those pages are super dated! While I’d like to give the recipes some more attention (namely #2 in your list), I’ve updated the code samples to be a little more modern. CTRL+F5 to hard refresh and you should see some updates!

Also, just a small correction - these are just deprecated method names. The RBXScriptSignal and RBXScriptConnection classes aren’t deprecated, just the lower-case method names.


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