Deprecating Comments for Marketplace Items

Hello Creators,

After careful consideration and evaluation, we have decided to remove comments for Marketplace items, a feature that has only been available on the web.

In case you need to review already existing comments, they will remain in a read-only state until April 9, when we will remove comments entirely.


Marketplace comments were originally introduced for you to gather valuable feedback from users and engage with your community.

It has become evident that the comments feature for Marketplace items is no longer serving its original purpose as it’s become a hub for spam, leading to low usage among both users and creators.

In the future, we are planning to introduce more effective ways for you to receive feedback and engage with your community.

Stay tuned for additional news and details.

In the meantime, we welcome your input on how we can enhance this feature in the comments section below!

Thank you.


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/e free

Honestly a good decision, the comments were either bots promoting scams or people spamming ‘/e free’.

I would appreciate more effort in cleaning up the group walls. When they aren’t closed, it is rare to find a message that was not posted by a bot. Surely it can’t be that hard to filter for straight copy & pasted comments and remove them.

I wonder how much data all those comments are. Must be massive, even though it is just text.


I used to feel upset when comments were removed on games back in the old days on Roblox but I fully understand the reasoning behind it now.

Will we get a way to get feedback on both marketplace items and games?
I miss the times when people could comment on a game, having a better alternative for that as well would be neat!


goodbye comments, you will be missed. I understand the decision, having users that spams scams, or fake emotes is not okay on roblox.


does this mean we might finally be able to link our social accounts directly on our UGC item pages? (exactly the same as groups & games are currently able to do)


Sad to see the legendary comment section gone :broken_heart:. Though it was filled with many copy-paste spam, I think we all enjoyed the comment section as it has been for years, but it is really due for an overhaul or replacement!

Hopefully the Roblox comment section could have either some improvements going for it or the replacement still keeps the aspect of being able to talk to other people outside of in-experience chat. I feel like its still a great little way of communicating with others.


RIP /e free and follow for inventory comments. Posting stuff on hats that got uploaded was fun while it lasted though I see why this was done.


Maybe slightly off topic but text is actually really easy to compress.
I think they just compress comments when it’s stored on servers.

If I’m not mistaken platforms like Youtube, Twitter and everything else that exists can theoretically just look at comments posted by people that have identical text and words and de-duplicate it.


that’s true, i’ve seen so many people spamming scams or fake emotes in the comments of marketplace items. This is a good way to stop spams or scams from users, bots or scammers. Thank you for this change, Roblox.

RIP comments.


This is a good change. Comments ended up being just people trolling and being toxic or trying to cause trouble.

Being able to read what people wanted was helpful for ideas / suggestions on what people wanted though.

Maybe add in an “make a suggestion” button that people could use to send a private message? ((Or turn the comments section under items into something only the creator could see?)

No doubt people would also troll with it, but at least have as an option so we could see early feedback or check in now and then on feedback?


I think comments really became more of a bad thing lately, as people only advertise invites in their servers or comment bad stuff about creators or just overall argue, and I can’t say I feel bad to see this feature going away, but I wish Roblox did a better job at making sure the comments are more of an item feedback rather than a /e free spam, .gg/“invite” or whatever people comment these days.

I think it would be nice to add feedback to items in a way, but not allowing people the freedom to say random stuff like these, so I’m happy to see they won’t be staying for long


that’s true. I recently have seen so many people spamming and getting banned of their own comment as some of them are inappropriate.


Instead of comments, can we have a system that dials the creator of the item on Roblox Connect to immediately connect the user with the creator to give their feedback . Thanks


Interesting, if that’s the case, then 90% of the comments could easily be compressed, because they’re all copy & pasted scam messages :joy:


It’s aggravating to hear “in the future” because most of the time it entails it’s years down the line but I honestly don’t remember looking through comments in the last 2 years because I just went off of rating. Would be great to see this new version of user feedback through studio itself when inspecting an item in the toolbox since that’s how a lot of people find what they need. Still, I’m finding it hard to believe there was no way to combat spam, especially with the ID verification push.


/e free is no more. Rest in pepperonis…

To be honest, I don’t have much to say about this. Just another feature used to send spam messages down the drain. Kinda sad that it had so much potential but was ruined by trolls and scammers.


This is truly a sad day, no more /e free… :sob:


this could also be the ticket for bringing comments back under games but with heavy moderation
…/e unavailable…


I think a good solution to spam would be to only allow comments by users who meet certain criteria, some of the criteria could be:

  • Account Age > x years
  • Linked email to account (rating experiences also have this requirement)
  • No human moderation activity within 1/4 the age of the account, ie if account is 4 years old, they must have had no moderation activity within the past year.
  • user must own the asset and must have owned it for atleast 30 days.

I also think that all comments should say how much the user bought the asset for, and when it was purchased, as this can ensure the comment is relevant, ie prices or the asset could have been updated since their original purchase.

I also think that there should be a spam filter for comments typically spam in nature, for example any comments containing “/e free” or known spam phrases or copypasta should be autoblocked, and I think anyone who has repeatedly attempted to violate such criteria should receive automatic moderation action, ie a 3 day account ban.
The spam filter should also check the users previous comments to ensure they are not commenting similar comments or phrases (phrase detection should only include phrases that are atleast 5 words in length, and should be less strict on shorter word-count phrases to prevent technical phrases being falsely flagged)
Really though, if you won’t even check if the user owns the item, what are you expecting other than spam and unrelated rubbish?