Deprecating Lighting.Legacy, Introducing Lighting.Compatibility

Theres a thing that should be are fixed on both modes, the guis, there are diferent brightness between voxel & Compatibility and Legacy, as u can see in the first image(Voxel) in the center the gui dont bright as much as it do with legacy(the 2nd image)

image image


I extracted some parts of my map and I made a comparison picture.
If you want to make glowing windows/parts that is far away from the player, it is not longer support in compatibility nor voxel. Glowing effect can only be visible when it near you (The third row) or it is big enough (The big yellow part in the first row).
Hope Roblox will give some support on this problem.


Dam that new material concept looks pretty good.


Very nice material and lighting concept, the compatibility lighting mode seems pretty cool.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings for lighting features, thus is a great change removing legacy from the engine. - I mean it was pointless, for it still be used due to ‘Future is Bright’ (voxel lighting).


Quite nice update … could have maybe needed it earlier but however and anyways.

I love the preview for the new material system … and it makes me seriously curious,
are you guys just improving overall shading and behavior of the reflectance properties
OR do my eyes actually spy some sort of prototype for an actual Physical based Rendering pipeline ?! as for example in actual more realistic surface roughness. ?!!

If you actually work on implementing true PBR then pls don’t forget realistic rendering of conductive materials aka metals :

better example of how metal is supposed to look :


Although I didn’t want this to happen, I understand why. Here’s to hoping in the future we’ll be able to make custom lighting shaders!


But wait, I’m mad.

Jokes aside, materials sound awesome. I’m excited for that, whatever that may be. Perhaps at some point we can even have bump maps and other kinds of material maps(???) @BouyertheDestroyer

2 reasons I don’t use Voxel right now
1.) The lighting feels too harsh and saturated in Voxel, whereas Legacy is softer and warmer. There are ways to fix this almost entirely, but that still leaves issue #2.
2.) Places where light bled through the ceiling of buildings only ever so slightly in Legacy, the bright light in Voxel is jarring and highly noticeable. I’d have to make my building ceilings 15 to 25 studs thick just to make this light bleeding go away, which I can’t do since the building would look super weird.


It appears whatever update was made to the Lighting affects all forms of Lighting.
Before this update

After this update:

In this place is a part with a sphere mesh that’s inverted and scaled to 5000x the bricks size (1x1x1)
However, before this update the scaled up mesh did not cast shadows. It appears in this update they now cast shadows.
Was this intentional?


real reflections will unfortunately not come for a long time (if ever). I can do some searching to explain why, as I don’t remember the fine points of this, or you can. Regardless it has been debated before and that is the conclusion that most people could come to.

The only reason I’m not already doing that research here and including it is because I’m not really looking to start an argument, more or less just informing you and answering your question.


I don’t see why they don’t move to a material system like Blenders where materials are actually inserted into an object and can be very heavily modified and changed. and BumpMaps… Oooohhhh the lovely bumpmaps.


For my style of game, this makes it look 10 times better than the old versions of lighting!


Having to tweak the lighting in my places to look as close as possible with comaptibility is gonna be a bit annoying, but I totally understand the need to deprecate legacy. Can’t wait to see what else comes out of the Future Is Bright!


Are there plans for shadows in the alpha maps?

Like the fake leafs of the trees?


Agreed, Legacy can keep the glowing neon while compatibility’s neon looks like you have the lowest graphic set.


The intensity of neon in the new lighting engine (Voxel & Compatibility) is dependent on the strength of your bloom. Weaker bloom will result in less glow from neon parts, and vice versa. So yes, if the bloom in the level is very weak then all neon parts will look like they do on lowest graphics settings.

Taken from Future Is Bright: Phase 1 Released:


Here’s a comparison of my place using Legacy and Compatibility lighting:



I’m still not a big fan of Neon being dependent on a bloom object. Personally, I feel that parts with their Material set to Neon should have an intensity slider.


Is that a wip of materials with workspace reflection rendering I see there?


That shows us that neon is greatly improved.


I sincerely hope so.