[DEPRECIATED] Song Searcher - Search for songs in the audio library ingame using names!

This module has sadly been rendered useless by the new audio update.

This module requires scripting experience

I’ve made a module where you can search the library for songs ingame using the name.
This is heavily inspired by @unroot 's latest post on twitter, so go show him some love!

You can check it out here! It’s uncopylocked so you can see how i’ve done it.
Github repository here!
You can get the free model here!


I hope to see some amazing jukeboxes and music players created using this module! :smiley:

I recommend that you check if the given input for the player is a number, so they have the option it insert song ids.

This module utilises HTTP SERVICE

While you’re at it!
Check out some of the games i know is using this module…
Bus Simulator by @NobleReign

Please contact me if you use this module in your project, so i can add you to this list


I fixed a bug, where the module would only try to get information from the proxy once before giving up.


This project is Awesome ! :star_struck: I would like to see this project grow and see more uptades to this Song Searcher system!. if you like you can add some of this stuff and make it more brilliant that this already Is!

  • Suggestions system!

  • Favorite songs list!

  • song volume/pitch, etc setting on Ui and change client song to server “kinda like an switch”

  • And more setting for the project - UIListLayout text and moving animation, etc

I know this is not gonna be easy to script but some of this can be very helpful and fun to script.

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It seems that the proxy used for this module has gone out of service, and this module is therefor not in working condition anymore. If you want you can create a proxy of you own, to use.

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sorry for the small bump but i just wanted to share this with anyone else who wants to try and use this in the future!

the URL https://search.roproxy.com/catalog/json?CatalogContext=2&Category=9&PxMax=1000&Keyword= will work for restoring the functionality of this module.
(really, any proxy will work, this is just the one i found and decided to go with. if you want to guarantee that it’ll always work 24/7 then you’d have to host your own proxy.)

have fun song searching!