DERZOCKER2009 | Scripting

DERZOCKER2009 | Scripting


Greetings, I am Tyler and I have been scripting for the past 5 years and I have been pretty confident with the coding language “Luau”


Door System
Here you see a coded Door System which works with Keybinds and to use it you hover over the Object to select it. (It also has inbuilt anticheat)

Grenade System
Another system which I coded. It has a Pin Pull system, the player looks at the mouse when a grenade is pulled, also very customizable.

Melee System
Melee system I coded, (Sound stuff is quite buggy but its a free time project)

Gun System
A gun system I coded because I was bored, It shows you your mags, bullet count (Sort of) and its easily modifiable
(Using my alternative account)

Stance System

A simple stance system I coded

Interaction System

Here is an interaction system for one of my projects I am working on



I code in the afternoon till evening, mainly when I have school.


On holidays I code all day mostly, sometimes I might be offline due to me spending time with people.

Timezone: GMT+1 (Germany)


We can discuss that if needed.


Comms: tyler_0000
Roblox: DERZOCKER2009