Description / Name Error

Hello, My name is Spo_oky :wave:

I have always been having a problem with Updating my game name and description.

My game name is “Mount Kenya” and it is censored, It does not have any Un-appropriate language or symbols in the name and Roblox seems to have censored it. Due to this I am always having difficulties Updating the game.

I made a post before on this and I am still having a Problem. - Description / Name Update Error

Please help me.

And my Account is 13+, so that is not the problem.

It may be due to the reference of the real world place, Kenya.

I don’t think there is a problem with the name Kenya, If I am right.

Try putting it on a separate place/game or in Roblox chat.

Alright I tried it, and the Word that seems to be censored is “Mount” , I don’t know what to replace it with as if I change it to “Mountain Kenya” it sound bad…

You could try Mt. Kenya?
<30 char>

It suddenly start working, Just a few minutes ago it was censored. :thinking:

Gotta love Roblox moderation :joy:


:joy: Thank you for replying though!

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I know that already. That’s kinda the point of why I said what I said.