Desert .Terrain

I am often inspired by beautiful Afghanistan villages and landscape so I thought I could try to make it.

The whole map is 2048 x 2048 so I have not built all of the terrain yet but I thought what I have made so far was impressive. ( At least to me )

Please tell me what you like, what you dislike and what I should add.

(game link)

May I get a dummy on the map so get a good idea of proportion?

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If you want close up shots tell me

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Looking at it, it is quite realistic and good looking, It looks really natural I would just work on maybe incorporating some rock into the terrain aswell, I believe it could give it that extra “Spice” that it needs, but overall very well made and well done.


Whoa looking very good! Although, I kind of find this more dry terrain than desert. Then again, you did say this desert was inspired by the Afghanistan villages(which I haven’t seen) so yeah.

Good work!


I think the sizes of your map are in proportion and work well. In addition, there’s a clear sense of depth and height.

Well done!

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This looks great! It reminds me of my yard during the summer.
The dead patches of grass really make it look like an actual desert. The only thing missing is some shrubs and small trees.


The terrain looks great! Very detailed and realistic

I think you forgot to anchor something here though

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It looks pretty good, but there are too many pathways I’d say. Also what texture did you use for the walls and do you know where I could find it? It looks dry, which adds to the environment feel.

Right now, it looks good there is a level of detail and the elevation gives the scene that realism look. You don’t want to overdo the details if you plan on adding objects and props; i would recommend adding things that fits the design rather throwing random items that doesn’t scream desert theme regardless.

I think the terrain would be more interesting if more small foliage was placed throughout the landscape. There is little details around the area, flat surface and hills to give the scene a more realistic feel. Why not place dried trees with dusty rocks just to give the terrain a little more depth. Some different shapes of rocks/trees would also make it much more realistic.

Overall, I just recommend adding small objects, details, and making vegetation that’ll fit the scene desert places don’t feature much details it just needs small props I’ll look at real life images to gather different ideas and see which ones look goo to you. Otherwise, it looks good. :smiley:

Looks really good so far, good job!
I love how well the terrain is blended together, instead of just having large chunks around the place.

Oops… Thanks for telling me!!

I think you mean the terrain,

I changed the colour of the limestone by setting limestone’s Material Colour to 108, 91, 80 in Terrain Properties.

I meant the walls in the small village with the houses.

They’re concrete walls from

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That’s so beautiful, good job. I think you need to add clouds because the sky is empty
or you could script moving clouds, or you could make clouds with particle emitter.

I agree, clouds would look nice, although a Desert usually has clear skies and I want to make the map feel hot.

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Pretty cool, the detailing is on the point. I’d suggest adjusting the lightning like, making it brigther, adding a little bloom and blur for the heat effect

Thank you!! I haven’t done much terrain and totally forgot about this!