Desert themed map I'm making

Heya, so I was thinking about how I could potentially make a map better. It’s an obby map that is a desert theme, but I’d like to know how to potentially make it more decorated. The only rule is that I can only use BaseParts. There is a noclip tool if you can’t do the obby. I feel like the second room is pretty underdecoratd as well as the final tunnel, but I’m not sure what to add to make it seem more decorative without messing up the fluidity of the gameplay. If you wanna play the map you can do so here.

TL;DR: me want 2 make map better, comment how 2 make map better but only basepart thx


The obby feels a little repetitive, maybe add some more wraps and trusses here and there. Also, this spinner doesn’t carry you with it.
If I were you, I wouldn’t have added conveyors in a tiered obby because most tiered obbies are purist.

Make these wraps longer, 0.5 wraps on a Tier 2 doesn’t seem right.


Make the design consistent here. It should be the same colors and textures as the obstacles in the second picture.


Despite all the stuff above, the obby is still decent.


Your difficulty chart is pretty neat.

Yeah I’ll take this into consideration. I’m probably gonna buff it to be around tier 10-11 so the wraps shouldn’t be much an issue. However, I’m not sure how to make the spinner carry you, because hinges are server sided and thus lag. I scourged various kits but none of them seemed to have any use.

If you know what tier controlled flinging is that would be pretty useful.

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You mean like, fling control? If so then I don’t know at all lol.