Designing Advanced UI

I don’t necessarily know how I would make advanced UI animations and neither do I have the tools I need to create them. I don’t think would do such a great job.

My UI is just basically a detailed-futuristic-like interface that involves moving almost 24/7 (An active UI).

Well yeah, there’s Photoshop, but I don’t wanna buy it neither do I want to spend time finding the cracked version of it (My previous one stopped working).

What I need to know:

  1. The software to make this possible (Has to be FREE)
  2. Making sprite sheet UI/Using them (There’s this one thread (I don’t remember which one), where it links you to an open source place with the loading arc UI that spins with the use of sprite sheet and not tweening and it was using RectSize/RectOffset to create that smooth animation—hopefully you know what I mean)

I think that’s all, feel free to include something important or leave any advice

  1. Maybe (i haven’t used it my self but I have seen others recommend it)

  2. You make the sprite sheet as you would normally in image editing software.
    Set the ImageRectSize of whatever ImageLable/Button you put it to the size of one sprite
    Then set the ImageRectOffset to the top left of the first sprite and change it for each sprite in the sprite sheet.

Edit: Just saw GameTapped’s answer GIMP is a good choice i forgot about it lol


Even better IMO, and free - which makes it better, even if it’s not.


I use that all the time it’s perfect for the job you just need to learn how to use it.





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I’d recommend inkscape, it’s free and a detailed futuristic uis. And also, it supports svg file

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Sorry for a late reply, but I’ll be checking these out soon
Thank you