Desktop Mode for new iPad Pro

If a mobile Roblox user has an iPad Pro (the 2020 model), they should be able to go to settings in the Roblox app and have the option to enable Desktop Mode.

The name explains itself, it will allow the user to play desktop-only games if a keyboard + trackpad is connected to the device. I think this will allow developers to test their games, maybe even moderate when not at home. During their visit to their local coffee shop, they could be able to get their iPad Pro and playtest their games, make some changes, and other things. I don’t think Studio should get support for iPad Pro, but it would be great to have it there as well. I think it is time to treat this new iPad Pro as a mini laptop, not a mobile phone.

So, what are your thoughts? What do you like/dislike about what I have to say? Feel free to speak below. Thanks for reading!