Desktop notifications only work when I have the devforum tab open

Recently i’ve made a post on #development-discussion that has gandered attention for feedback. When there’s responses, I’d get a post notification that details what the person has responded with and on what post. However, when I close the tab mainly to focus on other things, the notifications just stop which completely defeats the purpose of having push notifications at all.

When it started happening: When I allowed notifications for the devforum website and made a post.

Photo that shows notifications are turned on in my browser (MS Edge Chromium Ver.)

How to reproduce

  1. Visit devforums and allow notifications
  2. Make a post and close tab
  3. No post notifications unless you have a window open.

Doesn’t this happen for all websites though? It would have to run in the background in order to send you notifications when the tab is not open, which I don’t think it does. You can try messing with the settings, but all the websites that I have push notifications enabled for require having the tab open.

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That is intended behaviour. You can’t receive web notifications if you’re not online on the webpage.

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Other websites have been able to send notifications without needing to be on the tab before, unless something has changed in chromium recently that I’m not aware of?

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I’ve only enabled push notifications recently, so I’m not sure if anything has changed, but for me it’s always been like that. Are there some “run in background” settings you could change?

It’s possible that some websites send you notifications even when their tab is closed, but I have no idea as to why this would exist. Some people on the internet seem to have this problem with some websites, and apparently changing settings doesn’t work. Not a forum bug probably, maybe Discourse or even Chromium could be at fault.

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There’s background sync which is turned on by default on the devforum

It might be the fault of discourse or chromium but we’ll have to wait and see I guess

Thanks for the report! The notifications should work only with the devforum tab opened, so this is intended behaviour.


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