Desolate - A Survival Game Concept - Requesting Feedback

What is it about?

“Desolate”, the name I had for the concept, would take place on a lone island within the Bermuda Triangle. After arriving shipwrecked on the island, the player has to endure harsh climates while having to search for food and water, each of which is divided into various macronutrients, these beings: Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Hydration.

The player starts off with very little, having only a notebook and a very small supply of food and water. In order to survive, the player will have to craft various structures and tools, while also having to keep an eye out for natives and other wildlife who aren’t too eager to see the player.

The player can also run into other players as well, though PVP in the game will be disabled. In order to communicate with other players, however, the player has to actually be somewhat close to the players, in which case they will be able to chat as they do in Roblox.

Eventually, however, the player can find a radio, which will allow the player to communicate with other players from a distance in another channel. However, there is a catch. The radio has batteries, and will only recharge during the day rather slowly. For every message you send in it, the more the life on the radio will drain.

The player can also receive various injuries, some more fatal than others. The player has to treat these injuries with bandages and other various things as well.


The idea sounds pretty fun! One thing I would suggest is a way to win. Once you get the radio, you can communicate with players on various channels, or, contact some Coast Guard base in Florida or Bermuda (or players, keep reading), and they’ll come rescue you. Once you win you can also be called to rescue players (relatively automated so players don’t screw up each others game play). These are just my suggestions and if they don’t get implemented it would still be an awesome game.

This sounds like an awesome game! Personally, I think it would be interesting if you took it a similar direction that the game Raft (on steam) did, you can start an island with some friends (vip server), and the goal is to gather resources and survive while finding scraps and things to build the radio, which you can use to send out an SOS message and get help, finishing the game. Of course, its your game so make sure you make it in your vision.

Other than that, the only concern I would have is with nutrient management. I feel like most of the Roblox player base might be too young to figure out how to manage so many things, but who knows - the survival game genre might have a different audience (haven’t really played many on Roblox since survival 404 was at its peak). But if your fine with a smaller player base, this probably wont be an issue at all (not to say you wont be able to get a big player base even with this system.)

Best of luck with your project, it sounds like its going to be awesome!

Wow! This just sounds really fun. I would love it if you posted the game link here once it’s out!

Great idea! Sounds similar to other survival games like the Island (on Roblox), except better. It does seem a bit complicated for younger players, so you might have a smaller player base. It seems like you have all the details figured out, although it might be nice to have a way off the island or have all the players start off working together, as it might make things a bit more fun. Otherwise this sounds great and the title is catchy too.