Desserts Made in Blender

Hey everyone, I made some things in blender and I would like some feedback.

This first one I made with the help of a tutorial since I am new to blender. They also teached me to how render models smoothly.

This second one is a “Monkey Cake” and made entirely by me. Strawberry flavored.

What can I improve with modeling?


The donut looks nice; it seems you used the infamous donut tutorial. In regards to the cake, I am a little confused. Do you happen to have a reference, as I am a bit lost as to what type of cake it would be. I think the frosting drip is maybe a little thick, and there’s just a weird topology where the top of the frosting meets the side on the top of the cake. I’d definitely look into removing the sphere on top, and just joining the frosting sides together to get a flatter, more connected, top! My last comment is simply the blender monkey looks a little bit odd thrown on top, maybe consider just adding sprinkles or cookies?

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I have no idea where I got the monkey cake from, just from the top of my head. Yes, I agree the frosting would be a little thick. That sphere is ice cream.

Ah okay! If it’s icecream I’d recommend keeping it more spherical, as opposed to ovular. And maybe give it a different color (vanilla coloring may fit the colors nicely) as a means of setting it apart from the frosting! <3