Destination: Benford | The Northern Lines | Update Follow along

We are back! It’s time for the 2nd Update Follow Along for our major update… THE NORTHERN LINES!

DB Remastered was good success, releasing on June 30th. DB TNL’s update commenced at the end of August.

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Everything Expected to be In The Update

New and Larger map

New Track

Better Scenery

New Stations - Benford Barracks, Burkechapel (replaces Whyteham), Langley Junction, Whitepool

Rebuilt Stations

New Trains - Class 60, Class 153 2 Car Consist, Charters (Class 67 and Mk1s), Class 66 Royal Scotsman Charter, Class 170 Turbostar, Class 950 Recording Unit, Class 67 Test Train

Rebuilt Trains - Class 66, Class 70

Class 156 Re-added

Animated Doors - Selected Trains only

New, Revamped GUIs

Drivers can now UNLOCK and LOCK doors - passengers will have to press the door open button to open the doors.

Curves are no longer tight - this allows longer consist trains to go round bends at full speed.

You cannot jump out of trains - you have to either press “Delete Train” or “Exit Train”.

The “Exit Train” button will make the player leave the train. A 15 second countdown would commence. This will be useful for driver changes.

Real Time Global Server Announcements - Carl Plandog can make an announcement which will distribute across every server.

Longer Consist Trains

DP Cargo is now Build’s Cargo Co. (BCC)

BRS is now DBRF

New Station Voice

Field of View Slider can now be controlled with Z and C Keys

Class 67, Class 143, Class 142, Class 66 and wagon sounds re-programmed

DB-Coins - basically a points system. Earn them by completing routes, stopping at STOP Boards, following speed limits, stopping at stations.

CarlRail Depot - Class 950, Class 67 Test Train and MPV can spawn here.

Speed Limits

Routing System

Junctions are now Local instead of Server Sided.

Development Progress

Map Development - 21%
Trains - 47%
Routing System - 45%
GUIs - 43%
Generic Gameplay - 19%
Lighting - 100%

Update 11/09/19 - More Map Development Done. Middlecliffe Station nearly completed.

Overall Progress: 12%

Estimated Release (so far): 29th November 2019

Actual Release: N/A

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