Destroying player as a way to "spy" for exploiters

I just wonder is it even possible. When you destroy your player roblox think that there are no such player in game and shutdown server if there is no other players and other players (seems like inculded exploiters) cant detect deleted one. But deleted player can still type commands in command bar and still connected to game.

So is it even works out for top injectors and cant be detected since even roblox itself dont count deleted layer?

If so, is it possible to make some kind of bot network, which are going to connect to every new server and write down any suspicious activity, like strange position changing, abnormal bodypart positions, maybe even anything around player that presse “EXPLOITER!” button?

Since the only ways to caught exploiter is to see it by moderator or believe to some clip that may be forged like by anyone this way, even how meaningless it sounds, may be help a lot to moderate games.

If Player doesn’t exist, can Player.Character exist? I don’t know the answer to this question. I can’t think of anything anyone would be able to do in my game without a character.

The Player instance is instanced by the server so if the player instance were to be deleted by the client locally this deletion won’t replicate and the same player instance will still exist from the perspective of the server.

Yes, but deletion was initiated by server (command bar if be correct) and roblox shut down server only in case if there are no more pleople. Question is about is it possible to detect such “invisible” player by exploits?

I don’t think I understand you, would you explain it more?

I just want to find a better way to moderate games form exploiters. Like now the only mean is to rely on videos or react to “calls” from community on exploiter or any other rulebreaker, but when moderator arrives exploiter may just stop exploiting or just leave game, so if there is a way to “vanish” user to not be seen ingame even with exploits then it could be used to make exploiter think that he is safe and no moderators on server. This also can be used on vip servers where explter can test theirs scripts.


Alright so, you are trying to find a better way to ban exploiters even if they aren’t in the game?

This point just doesn’t make sense because you already have the “evidence” that proves what they had done.


Just develop your “Moderation system” so it can be cross-server to eliminate Hackers without being in the server they are hacking in. Also, Ban systems use DATASTORES which just solves your first issue.

With the second issue; You should really gather all the information from the reporter to do the action. Without the evidence, you can’t do anythin.

Alright, hope this helped you in your situation. Cya

I guess you didnt get it. Of course any ban should be written into datastore, but my question wasnt about this. It was attempt to find a way to get a trustful evidence from trustful moderators instread of rely on video from random player while this video could be forged to, for example, ban player or get a restore. Anyway thanks for your help

Hmm that’s actually interesting topic. I will dig deeper in the topic and if I found an answer I will get back to you.

However, how a "“video” can be forged in certain situations? Aimbotting, spamming chat, or anything that can be classified as hacking can’t be forged in a video. I mean, you can try but it will look obvious.

I think it isnt much harder then any other exploit making. Basically if it’s spam chat just a script that affects chat gui, if something related to physics or other game mechanics they can just take assets and forge video on their own place and much more ways i guess

Eploits can’t take ServerSide objects, meaning they can’t take the whole game and make it on their own. But I got your point.