Detailed Map for Mobile users - Any way to delete decoration parts for these users?


An Ipad user in my game said their IPad got a little hot and they crashed from the game
(assuming it’s memory consumption)

I have a script that detects what device the user is on (Mobile, Console, PC). Will deleting the excess parts at the beginning of the game for mobile users reduce their memory consumption, or will deleting the parts not affect anything and result to a crash still?

Ultimately, I want to know a way to reduce memory for these low-end devices to offer the best gameplay experience via programming. I usually don’t have to worry about this as my maps aren’t extremely detailed and can usually handle it. But for this game, I went all-out on detail and aesthetics.

I just need a pseudo-code answer.


Have you enabled network streaming (workspace.StreamingEnabled) for this place? It might solve your issue or at least alleviate the problem a little bit. Keep in mind that you may need to modify some of your existing scripts as you can no longer 100% assume any part exists in the workspace client side.


Unfortunately, as much as I would like it to be the case, there is no silver bullet when it comes to optimizing a game that runs poorly. I checked out your game, and you spend a lot (about 300 MB) of memory on textures:

You could probably reduce your memory usage to an acceptable level on mobile devices by just optimizing or removing some of the textures. Additionally, I advise that you listen to this talk @zeuxcg gave on how to create a game that runs well

I don’t advise doing this, as StreamingEnabled doesn’t really work with player counts higher than 10-15.


Find out which version of iPad they’re using. If it’s really old I wouldn’t worry about supporting it. Unfortunately you will probably never be able to support all mobile hardware unless you really bring your game down.

I would also ask this player how many other Roblox games crash for them. If a bunch seem to be, then the issue is really on their end, not yours.

That being said, I think that around 215 MB total is how much memory you’re recommended to use. I don’t know where I got that from or if I actually saw it, but I seem to recall that. If you really want to optimize for ancient hardware, you could start there.


Just a word of caution - on mobile texture memory usage will be substantially lower because we use mobile-specific texture compression (we haven’t done this work for desktop yet) that should reduce the memory impact of texture assets 4x for images with transparency and 8x for images without transparency.