Detailed Meshes

I see a lot of people creating this insanely detailed builds called “Photo-Realism”. I see them in meshes, mostly. And I was wondering how this is created. How do you create a detailed mesh, with textures under 10,000 tris? Every time I try it’s completely over the limit, can anyone give feedback?


Many of those “photo realistic” meshes are just low poly versions of higher poly assets.

The common workflow is to model a high poly mesh, map out the diffuse, normal, specular, etc, then convert the high poly mesh into a low poly version (usually with decimating but manual is also ok), and apply the textures onto the low poly mesh.

The result is a low poly mesh that appears highly detailed, but is also good for performance.


One thing you can do is use textures. You can bake sculpting, and then use it as a texture. As roblox recently introduced PBR textures, this would work pretty well. Another thing is lighting. Lighting really makes or breaks a scene. As for what Aotrou said, making a low poly version of the mesh can be useful. But textures really make the scene look good. Most objects in real life don’t require a lot of effort to make. Hope this helps!


Split your high tris mesh into more meshes. If you want to lower your poly count check out baking tutorials on youtube. With PBR textures you will be able to do wonders!

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When I do try out materials It doesn’t show in studio. And every time I texture I says over 10,000 tris

Are you talking about the nature genre showcases with super realistic mesh terrain, etc? If so, these are megascans. They, usually, aren’t made by the users that make showcases with them in Roblox. Sites like Quixel Megascans are used as they feature free sources. These are scanned objects out of real life.