<details> unexpanded bug

Text inside <details> tags, when paired with images, is edited by system and then begins appearing outside the details box.

Here is the most recent post it happened to me at.

Screenshots Wrong: ![](upload://nNvVGlJT06QpcRkCC3Ad8fEnm3u.png)

This shouldn’t change anything with that text!

The difference preview is missing an image? And the text? There was only one image before the all-black one (there should be two). The text should be before that image, and it isn’t.

It’s in the right place while the <details> is expanded…

Why doesn’t it go away when unexpanded?

This issue doesn’t appear until after system edits the post, and goes away once I edit it until system edits it again.

The best place to post about Discourse bugs would be https://meta.discourse.org/, since the ROBLOX staff can’t really change any of this behaviour.