Detect arrowkeys inputs in a plugin

Hi Community! Well, I’m working on a plugin right now and I really need that I can see when the developer presses the arrow-down and arrow-up button. The problem is that the ContextActionService and UserInputService don’t work on RobloxStudio, so or you are in-game, or it just doesn’t work. This is pretty iritant, so I used the Mouse.KeyDown event to see when the developer presses either button. That works too…, most of the time. This only works if you use the mouse while it is in the camera viewport (the normal window where you can see everything that is in the workspace, so realtime not the Explorer). You can leave that, but are there any other ways to achieve the same effect or not? It would really be easier if another method existed.

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Unfortunately, plugins only allow you to listen for user input when the user is focused in the viewport window. This is extremely annoying, as it makes it hard to consistently collect input.

There has already been a post by @Sharksie, requesting more options for plugin user input.

Plugins need a way to listen to app input

Hopefully we will get more features or updates regarding this soon.

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So, there is really no method to collect inputs while being focused on a WidgetDockGui? This is really sad, Roblox really should think to add them. This could be really helpfull.

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