Detect if a player have a tool named "Hamburger" after a click event

I need to detect if a player who clicked on the mesh have a tool named “Hamburger” after a click event.
Please help me!

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You can check these documentation pages:

I already know this but how to detect if the player who clicked have a hamburger in his inventory?

This is actually really simple. By default, tools are stored in Player.Backpack; meaning you can just do something like:

if Player.Backpack[ToolName] then
  --do stuff

Depending on your use case, :FindFirstChild or :WaitForChild may be more suitable than directly indexing the tool. A good article on this can be found here.

On another note, I do not recommend ClickDetectors due to their poor behavior. A much, much better alternative can be found here (scroll down a bit for the actual source).

The MouseClick event from the ClickDetector object returns the player who clicked it as a parameter for the callback function. You could then check for a tool named “Hamburger” in the player’s backpack.

Use the :FindFirstChild() function to check if something that is in the player Backpack is named Hamburger


if player.Backpack:FindFirstChild("Hamburger") then

    -- Function here


If you want to check if they have a tool named “Hamburger” that is equipped, you should do

if character:FindFirstChild(“Hamburger”) then
    print(“Hamburger is equipped!”)

Tools that are equipped are parented to the player’s character.