Detect if player has had builders club

Hello. I want to know how to check if a player has had a specific type of builder’s club before.

I know there are ways to do this. For one, you can check the user’s inventory and see if they have bc exclusive hats. But that’s not the most reliable way, because you can delete hats from your inventory, and there’s also no way to see if someone had TBC because the only hat exclusive to TBC is now limited.

Sidenote, is there any way to fetch the player’s Roblox Badges? Like Veteran, Bloxxer, Welcome to the Club, ETC.

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You can still check if players have certain limiteds.

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Edit: A game called Nostalgia Zone did it! But if I’m not mistaken, they only use the equivalents. By that I mean, Premium tiers 1, 2, and 3, are BC, TBC, and OBC respectively.

I’m aware of that but what I mean is that it’s possible for someone who never had TBC to have the hat.


I don’t think it’s possible to detect if a player has had BC, TBC, or OBC without checking if they have the respective hardhats in their inventory.

So only BC and OBC can be properly checked… which kinda sucks, but works I guess.

There’s an API endpoint for fetching a user’s ‘Roblox Badges’.!/RobloxBadges/get_v1_users_userId_roblox_badges

Here’s an example request.