Detect ParticleEmitter to change textlabel colour

Hello, I’m trying to make a script that turn this TextLabel’s colour from red the green when it detects a particle emitter is enabled. i tried using while true do but it didn’t work as expected.

OAR1 is the label, labeled in “1”, OAR2 as “2” and so on. there will be 12 of them

The Emitter to be detected are the one in these models name OAR, they’re located at Workspace.IAxisOarsmen.Ring

In each of the OAR, there is a emitter named “Water”, i want it to detect if “Water” == enabled and change the desired labels to green,

Let’s say that “Water” in OAR02 is enabled, then it must change the Textlabel named OAR2 to green

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another updates, ive changed the name to this since it reaches til OAR12

You can use :GetPropertyChangedSignal(“Enabled”) on the ParticleEmitters.
For one it could be:

local Emitter = workspace.ParticleEmitter -- Replace this with the emitter.
local Label = OAR01.OAR1 -- Replace this with the text label
	local Enabled = Emitter.Enabled
	if Enabled == true then
		Label.BackgroundColor = BrickColor.Green()
		Label.BackgroundColor = BrickColor.Red()
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