Detect Plugin Widget being resized

Is there any event that fires when user changes size of Plugin’s Widget?

Here’s when it should fire:

A quick look at the Developer Wiki for DockWidgetPluginGui events shows only special events for Drag/Drop operations, nothing for resizing. I think what you could do (correct if this is not possible for plugins as I don’t have experience making them) is to just repeatedly check if the AbsoluteSize has changed from one frame to another with a while loop, the AbsoluteSize changes when a Widget is resized

While true do loops. Not what I like to do.
Wait. What about doing this: Instance | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub on Widget’s Size (AbsoluteSize) property?

I think that would work now that I think about it. I completely zoned out and forgot about that haha. Try it out and see if would work, which it should if the AbsoluteSize changes when the Widget is resized

Yes, my idea works. Thanks for all your help!

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Anytime! Sorry if I accidentally was about to take you on the wrong path via a while true do loop, my brain completely forgot about that event for a second haha. If you have anymore issues don’t be afraid to make another post!