Detect update from Objects?


I currently have an issue on text update, so I have a changed function that detects if the text has changed but I don’t think :changed is very efficient.

Are there any other alternatives for an event like :Changed but you can focus the update detection on only one property?

(P/S: I forgot this function, I used this a very long time ago but I forgot)

There is an API for this: New API Instance:GetPropertyChangedSignal()


Yeah that’s what I’m talking about, I forgot about that API a long time ago.

and it’s Probably because I haven’t touched Roblox Studio in a very long time…

In the future, you might want to check the wiki first. For example, if you’re working with TextBoxes, you can search that up and you would see :GetPropertyChangedSignal:

Or if you search up Instance, the base class for all objects you can see in the Explorer:

It’s understandable if you missed these when you looked them up, though. That’s a lot of properties, methods, and events to look through!

Also, don’t forget to mark Seranok’s answer as the solution!


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Lol yeah, I forgot that the wiki shows all of the properties, instances, API’s etc

Regardless thanks for reminding me though
P/S: I just started to work on my new game yesterday, It’s been like a year since I used rbx studio