Detecting Duplicate Tools

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    Want tools with the same name deleted and only keep 1
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    Either something is wrong or its not detecting same tool name
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    I tried using client side and I can’t make it add a loop where it detects every time a new tool is added
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        for i,v in pairs(Player.Backpack:GetChildren()) do
            if not v == Child and v.Name == Child.Name then
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How are you running into a scenario where you are getting a duplicate tool? I find it would be wiser to just not give the player a tool if they already have it. You can track what tools a player owns externally or directly by checking their backpack and character.

This code itself won’t work as intended because it’s not tracking tools of a previous iteration and removing if it’s iterated over something of the same name and because the Backpack instance gets destroyed rather than cleared whenever the player dies, therefore the ChildAdded connection only gets established for the first backpack and none afterwards.

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