Detecting if Sun is blocked by Clouds?

Is there anyway to detect when the sun is being blocked by Clouds?

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I’ve just looked through the documentation and I don’t see anything for this. I guess this means there’s no current way to get if the sun is blocked by clouds?

If these are clouds in the skybox you wouldn’t be able to. It might be possible if the clouds were physical objects and you could use some math that’s above my understanding.

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I’m currently using the clouds object Test FPS - Roblox Studio 8_4_2022 2_56_16 PM (2), but I might switch over to my own clouds system and use raycasting

Why do you need to find out if the sun is blocked by your clouds?
If it’s for shadows and the clouds are physical objects then your Lighting.Technology settings should cast shadows when set to the correct setting.

Currently, If you look at the sun, it lowers the transparency of a dirt effect on the players screen, and I wanted to check if it’s blocked by clouds because then the transparency shouldnt lower

Transparency shouldn’t lower here:

This is a pretty small detail, but I just wanted to see if this is possible

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There is no way to do this currently


For now I’ll just not include this as it’s such a small detail :man_shrugging:. Thanks to everyone who helped!

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