Detecting "SendNotification"

I was looking through the DevHub & the Forum for previous posts on the topic, some which say detection is not possible and others saying that it is, and some games do have detection for notifications.

Does anyone know how to detect if someone creates a notification on their client? Need this for an anti-cheat to prevent a certain script, however I can’t find anything useful.

if so, wouldn’t it have to be a clientsided script to detect it?

or am i wrong

heres what I found

These could be beneficial to you.

Another article explaining how to detect notifications

SetCore should likewise be placed in a pcall because it has the potential to fail.

local Success, Error = pcall(function()
    --Your code

Slightly late to this, but if anyone else is reading this, you could use this script on the client to detect it.

      if instance:IsA("NotificationFrame") then
          -- do whatever you want

I’m curious, what exactly is a NotificationFrame? I couldn’t find any documentation on it.

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