Detecting UI collisions with bilboard ui

Hello, i would like to know if there is any way to detect if my item is overlapping with bilboard ui (image below)

i would like to make an attachment system but idk how to detect if it is there. Maybe i could somehow convert this bilboard ui into normal ui and then check for collisions but i dont know how to get the exact position from bilboard Ui to normal Ui

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for anyone wondering, this is what i used to do it:

	local NewUi ="Frame", PlayerUi.InventoryGui.AddonsUi)
					local Pos = game.Workspace.CurrentCamera:WorldToScreenPoint(Tool.Handle.Addon.WorldPosition)
					NewUi.Size =, BilboardUi.AbsoluteSize.X, 0, BilboardUi.AbsoluteSize.Y)
					NewUi.AnchorPoint =, 0.5)
					NewUi.Transparency = 1
					NewUi.BorderSizePixel = 0
					NewUi.Name = "Addon"

					NewUi.Position =, Pos.X, 0, Pos.Y)

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