Detecting When An Item Goes Limited


I was wondering how to make it so that my code detects if an item on Roblox goes limited, and then if it detects something, it prints the item’s id. I am not asking for complete code but a brief overview of how to do this. This is my first dev forum post, so sorry if I do something wrong in the post!


I’m not sure if there’s an API for this, but for Roblox limiteds, you might be able to make a script that checks the inventory of Roblox’s profile for new Roblox Limiteds constantly (using a while loop that refreshes sometimes)

I’ve seen a game in the past that lists new users, so there must be some way to detect if an item on Roblox goes limited instantly.

Try experimenting with Roblox Marketplace API to see if a way to detect this already exists.

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This post may help you:

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Yea, this would work, but I would also want it to work for UGC limiteds and not just limited by Roblox!

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