Determining if a feature should become a gamepass or stay free

  1. What do you want to achieve? I am looking for ways to monetize my game while also making sure I’m adding value and not hindering a non-paying player’s experience.

  2. What is the issue? I and my team have developed a high-quality Difficulty Chart Obby (high quality meaning: varying and well-thought out stages + no free models (most obbies are copy/paste). Now we are looking for ways to monetize it so as to fund our next project. I proposed early on that we add dark mode or “Night Mode” as a togglable (apparently that’s not a word but you get it :stuck_out_tongue:) feature. We specifically designed parts of the map to be accentuated and be more visually appealing at night (but they don’t look bad during the day, nothing was taken away from the daylight experience). I proposed we make a gamepass to have night mode, instead of it being a free feature. I was considering 5-15 Robux as the sell price. While many people would shake their head and say “lol no I’m not buying that” I do believe that it would be a worthwhile purchase to some people. Please consider my thread from an overall player standpoint not your personal standpoint.

Then came the issue… A member of my team disagreed saying that it was a stupid idea and a scam and that I’m some kind of miserable capitalist for wanting to do that. My perspective is that it is similar to a gun skin, or buying a special avatar in a game like Fortnite or COD. It may not progress you through the game faster but it may give SOME people a more enjoyable experience. I am not scamming people because they know what they are buying, they know it’s just going to make the game dark. I’m not lying and saying it will BLOW THEIR MINDS or anything like that. Please see one screenshot/example from night mode where the night mode VFX are impressive (in my opinion). And please know there is a lot more of this throughout the obby.

  1. What solutions have you thought of so far? I’m really stumped. I think it’s a good idea but my dev is insistent on not doing it. Now overall, I will probably back off it for the good of the team… But for the sake of my sanity can you advise on the below.
  • Am I right? Is this a reasonable gamepass?
  • If I am right, how could I potentially explain it so my dev team sees my side?.

p.s. This is my first topic here so thoughtful responses would be amazing :smiley:

edit: The screenshot shown above is not current, we’ve actualy updated more things since then including making the hint boards (as seen in the photo) have lighting so they are visible at night.


I don’t see anything wrong with having that as a gamepass, especially when it seems like you would be charging very little for it. It has no effect on gameplay, it is purely cosmetic and does not allow players to pay to win. I think it looks very cool and is a very unique idea, and you clearly put a lot of time into it, and I also think it would be a nice change in terms of the typical obby gamepasses.

As for convincing your dev team, you really just have to tell them that it is purely cosmetic, and having it as a gamepass doesn’t have any effect on the core experience. You have to monetize your game somehow, and in the grand scheme of things, this gamepass really isn’t greedy at all.

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Thanks for your feedback, this is my opinion as well. Hopefully I can get some more confirmations here just to further confirm/solidify my position.