Detune/flange effect happening when the camera moves quickly through an audio's volume range

Hello, on audio there is a detune effect when the camera moves fast through an audio’s RollOff distances. I’d like to have this effect not be present, as if the player moves too fast while rotating the camera, or gets flung, it sounds pretty awful. The video isn’t the best showcase of the effect being present, but I can get a better one if needed.
robloxapp-20231111-1203428.wmv (3.8 MB)

This is also my first topic, so I apologize if it’s in the wrong category.

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The main way to do this that I use is to put the audio inside the sound service and play it from there.
Also please in future upload video as MP4.

I’m not trying to avoid the sound having RollOff of Volume, I’m trying to avoid it having the pitch-bending effect, unless there’s some way that using SoundService prevents the pitch-bending effect, but it doesn’t seem like you can play a sound from a specific position with that.

Sounds like doppler effect. I’ve never really noticed this anywhere, not sure why your game has it this prominent with just moving the camera.

If this is area-specific background music, I’d suggest using something like ZonePlus to determine which area the player’s in, then just playing the music locally per player.

I don’t think there’s a way to prevent this since it’s how the sound engine works, but I could be wrong since I never really encountered a problem with it.

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There is a property in SoundService that has that name “DopplerScale” and setting it to 0 fixed my problem. I’ll also try the zone-based music thing.

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Wow, learned something new today :sweat_smile: if that’s the case you wouldn’t need the zone-based stuff then

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