Deus[1/5]: Module 1/4(5): TrustSystem

Yea, I am very happy to announce and show the 1st and basic module of deus. Since I’m slowly under time pressure just as I promised on 27.10 the first real preview of deus (lat. the god goddess (here: Devloper Exploit User Security)). I hope I can do it!


When a user enters the game his Trust Level is calculated based on many values.

Used information(More to come!!)

–Group Game:
----Rank in Group
–User game:
-Account Age

These values are always recalculated, because they can change. This value is then added to the value from the datastore. To make it easy to use, there are two external functions: read and write. Then you can choose if you want to change only the permanent Trust Level or only the temporary Trust Level. You can read the Trust Level, the temporary Trust Level and the permanent Trust Level. The permanent trust level is loaded at the beginning and automatically saved when the user leaves the game.

With a Trust Level below 0 the player will be banned, you are welcome to ask for pictures etc… ask, but please say from what, yet I have no Gui for it.

Please give suggestions, criticism. I will give you more information if you need it.
This system will be the basis for others who will work with this system.

You can’t copyright over ideas


in-fact, you told me that sometimes a new wheel is a better wheel

also I need more information

I meant completely zoned in on my project, intentionally to undermine my project. This is a set offense in my country.

A same wheel is not a new wheel

To what?

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