Dev anyone people?hello?

About Us
Hey, I am DesDnAz/ArchitectUnique and im hiring people and when i say people i mean UI,Thumbnail,Scripter

The Team
@ProductiveArchitect - Environment Design
@BlasterBombG - Scripter
@spy_fauzan - UI
@DEV_JENSEN - Modeler
@ProductiveArchitect - Builder
@anyone - UI/Thumbnail/Logo/Scripter

You can see our progress so far here:

–More Maps to come!

About The Job
Just be good at your job or atleast know how to do something and be always daily working.

Our game need progress :slight_smile:

we are paying percentage cuz i Know our game will get atleast on the front page or make money if it doesnt ill always have backup payment.

Warning :If you guys see this map in toolbox don’t use it i bought it from the owner and its copyrighted so if you make a game with it…

Contact Me
you can be any old i don’t really care as much

Don’t Waste My Time :slight_smile:

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