Dev Awards Crowns message isn't complete

This is the message format currently:


If I have multiple games with 100+ MAU, I’d need to contact the email address to get more information on what was awarded. It’d be neat if this could be added into the message so I have the full context from the start. I don’t want to miss out on awarding this to contributors if multiple games have the reward and I’m sure I own at least 3 game slots that qualify for this.

As a general mark I notice that these Roblox system messages often miss the mark on how much info they include. GDPR messages were the same before they were improved.

Additionally, the link cannot be clicked and must be copy-pasted.

Finally, I expect to receive a copy of this over email so it’s harder to miss. It seems this was only sent as a Roblox message. If I accidentally archive it, it’s gone forever since Roblox messages don’t go to the Archive.


Hi @buildthomas,

I hope this message finds you well. Thank you for reaching out. The crowns are given to the highest game. Unfortunately, we cannot email due to limitations and many people do not have their emails attached to their profiles.

Here is the link to the survey for you to fill out: Dev Awards-Trophy

I am sorry there was confusion. We tried to be as transparent as possible.



Can I email the listed address to find out the list of my experiences that are 100+/1k+/10k+/100k+/1M+ MAU or is that not scalable? I want to make sure I can reward all of my contributors. (e.g. I worked with different teams on different game slots)

Also is there a reason it can’t be both email and Roblox message if you have an email set? That way it’s harder to miss. I get notified for my email personally but not for my Roblox DMs when I’m not browsing the site.


Hi @buildthomas,

Apologies for the delay. Unfortunately, that is not scaleable. What you can do is reward developers that worked on other games you feel earned it.

As for the email and Roblox PM, since not everyone’s emails is tied to their Roblox account we have no way of sorting this out on our end. Again, apologies on our limitations.

I hope you reward everyone you feels deserves the crown.



So if I have multiple games and I only get 1 message per tier of rewards per quarter, how am I meant to find out whether a particular game I manage has one tier or the other?

I feel like somewhere along the design process here, someone should have walked through this from the perspective of the developer and seen that this is not practical.


Since I don’t get any information on what experiences have which rank and it’s hard to discover this data without a lot of legwork (downloading and aggregating spreadsheets for each one), I will just make some assumptions and round them up to be safe and send in my submission accordingly for all the developers I’ve ever worked with. I hope that the team understands that this setup will lead to inconsistencies and not to put the responsibility on the developer submitting the request if it is incorrect.

Thanks for the info.