Dev Collaboration Opportunity for RB Battles Season 2! (Upcoming Roblox Event) [CLOSED]

The RB Battles team is looking for developers who are interested in integrating challenges, Easter eggs, or anything special into their game, to participate in the RB Battles Championship Season 2 event later this year! We were huge fans of the Ready Player One Roblox event, and we would love to bring that excitement back to the players!

For reference, check out the Season 1 playlist here: RB Battles Championship | Season 1 (Roblox Tournament) - YouTube

Roblox confirmed they will be offering at least the same level of support as they did for RB Battles Season 1 (ie; event page promotion, exclusive catalog items, link to your games and socials, Roblox social media promotion) and potentially more if developers are involved.

Developers that are interested in adding a particular challenge or Easter egg in correlation to the RB Battles Event. It can be a simple challenge/quest or even as complicated as a separate event game mode that our competitors will be competing in for the episode. Imagine this… You’re watching your favorite YouTuber compete in a custom challenge, then right after watching the video premiere, the game updates with this new challenge and you can hop in the game and attempt the challenge yourself! We’re open to creative ideas!

By participating in this, you get the opportunity to showcase your game to new players and give players the chance to win exclusive catalog items by playing your game! You’ll also receive promotion from Roblox in various places, as well as the RB Battles videos and descriptions where we will give a call-to-action to complete the challenge in your game.

Here are some of the things we spoke to Roblox about in regards to what is possible with their support of RB Battles and developer involvement if we get enough games on board with the event:

1. RB Battles Games Sort (if enough games are involved)
2. Blog post
3. Event page
4. Social coverage (YT, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
5. In-game notification (Message to all users at launch of program)
6. Game specific metaverse items
7. Orange banner (tentative - Dave approval required)
8. Quest virtual items (For each game)
9. All quests completed virtual items (If a player wins all the virtual items from the games within that “phase” of the tournament, they are awarded an additional virtual item)
10. Community award Item (If x number of players participate and complete the quests, the community is awarded a free virtual item)

So far we already have some games on board for the event including Piggy, Jailbreak, and a few other awesome games, but we would like most, if not all of the games that we choose for competitors to compete in to have some sort of developer involvement for this season!

We’re looking to get started on this right away, because we are looking to record the episodes as soon as we can since they take months to produce, but the event is set to launch mid September.

If you’re interested, feel free to respond to this post with a link to your Roblox game that you would like in the event, briefly explain any ideas you might have for the developer involvement and how you can make it integrate well for this event, and also how soon you can get started! If we like what we see, we will DM you with more details.

Looking forward to it!
-DJ, Russo, and Sabrina


Just updated the post with new information on how Roblox is considering supporting the event! :smiley:


Are you interested in a custom soundtrack for RB battles?


Hi, I am very interested in this, I loved ready player one and would really want to do this in my own game.

My game is called Dancing Simulator. An idea I had was that a disco ball was stolen, and you have to go on a quest to get it back. Talk to an NPC, complete an obby, and then do a dance battle minigame vs the evil dancer to take back the disco ball.

This is my game:


Sure, sounds fun, I’d love to volunteer my game.

Quick Quest Pitch
The game includes a gamemode called “Murder Maze”. It would be really cool if developers, youtubers, and players searched for a special item in the maze. The Murder Maze has a 1/4 chance of being the selected game mode and the secret item (it can be whatever!, maybe a golden knife :eyes:) spawns in somewhere in the maze. Then, the contestants have to rush to find it!

Quick Note
I would be able to set the event up with a single winner, multiple winners, or everyone who plays and finds the knife can get it in their in-game inventories.

My discord is GoatRBX#8762 and Im also open on Twitter @GoatRBX


I would be very intreasted! Here is my game:

It has more than 45+ levels and is very hard!! Out of 250k Visits we only have had 3500 plays finish!!


This would mesh perfectly with my game. I can create a disaster, boss battle, or map minigame for it. I can start immediately.


This sounds awesome! I’d love for Guesty to be a part of this :sunglasses:

Game link:


I am very interested in partnering up with you guys if you want. Me and my scripter will make sure that we bring the best fun to the players that we can!


I have a question. Is it possible for developers to be able to make a custom game just for the event or do we have to add a quest to an already completed game?


Would love to participate but i cant code and my main game/ group game isnt meant for this kind of thing.


Unfortunately we are relatively short on time so I don’t think we would have enough time for a game to be built from scratch. Also, we’re not necessarily looking for quests specifically, just really anything cool or interesting that could add value to a 1v1 RB Battles challenge and be fun for players. There’s lots of room for creativity here!


Wow, this is such a cool opportunity!

I’d love to offer my game, Obby Creator to be a part of this.

All the obstacle courses within the game are created by the community, so this would be a great way to show off talent. I could pick out say two obbies that are well built, and have them permanently shown within the game. The competitors would have to race in each one to get to the end first. It could be a single obby, or maybe players would need to beat two to get the prize. Here are some examples of well-made obstacle courses created by the community:


Thank you for answering me. I was actually asking if it’s possible to maybe get together a small dev team and create a small story like game from scratch and completing it being the challenge/quest. Is that allowed?

An example of what i’m thinking is Egg Hunt 2020’s Time Travel Eggventures.


On Behalf of the Tetra games Team, I would like to Nominate my team to participate in this event. The event would be an NPC quest that can be found inside the Dungeons of Boxing simulator.

Here is a Link to Boxing sim:


I don’t have a popular game but would be wondering if you need any community managers, I can also make advertisements & GFX for the events. My team at Acceron would also be able to do video editing if needed.

As a community manager I would make sure everything is going productive as well as working with games and other teams.

Interested or want to chat more? PM me here on the DevFourm and I’ll provide you with a social media where we can talk more.


Can Contact me through Roblox or Discord (Celestial_Dev#5015) Or twitter @Celestial_Dev


My discord is GoatRBX#8762 and Im also open on Twitter @GoatRBX


Very interested in taking this up. The game I work on is called Soro’s Italian Restaurant, and as the name suggests, its a cooking roleplay game. My initial idea, under a similar theme to ready player one, is to introduce a small little easter egg that can be discovered through a variety of cooking challenges and minor easter eggs. I do have an idea in store but given the nature of the challenge (its an easter egg so don’t want to give any hints in a public space), it’d be great if you could get in contact over the forum!
Thanks again for the opportunity! :smiley:


Please do Cele-dev is amazing to work with.