Dev Console log text is not wrapped correctly

Command used for reproduction:

local o = {} for index = 1, 100 do o[#o+1] = ("%03d"):format(index) end print(table.concat(o, " "))

Note that the command text itself is also part of the repro, so make sure that ends up in the output as well, whichever way you choose to run it.

You can run the command in Studio or in a live game, then open the Dev Console and view the results.

Problem 1

The developer console seems to find it difficult to wrap many pieces of text. Frequently, lines just get cut off completely, instead of wrapped. Though space apparently is still reserved in the layout to accomodate the text wrapping as if it actually happened.

In the following screenshot you can see how the second half of the command text has completely disappeared:

Problem 2

Even in cases where text does get wrapped, the line wrapping starts too deep into a line, so that the end of a wrapped line is cut off and not visible.

In the following screenshot you can see both the command text and its output are wrapped, but the ends of the lines are still cut off and not visible:

Problem 3

Resizing the dev console window to be smaller will increase the number of lines text must wrap, and therefore the amount of space used in the vertical layout. But then if you make the window larger afterwards, it will frequently refuse to update the layout, so you end up with lots of wasted space.

Expected behavior

Text should wrap correctly so that all text is always fully visible within the frame. Resizing the Dev Console window should update the layout immediately so that there is not wasted space and so that the reader does not have to parse a different layout “shape” (correct & compact vs this buggy static layout thing with lots of whitespace).


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.