Dev contest/challenge category

Currently as a scripter, I feel like I’m limited to just helping people on the forum answering question. Obviously you can post creations and see what other people make, but I feel its just become more repetitive to answering questions. Something id personally like to see is a challenge category where users can posts challenges and compete themselves. For scripters at least you’d be able to see how many ways 1 thing could actually be made. I feel that would be pretty cool.

Not to mention something like this could probably benefit new scripters. If a challenge is posted for example its something simple like make a fireball. Say 50 people participate, you’d be able to see 50 unique fireballs. Scripters could get motivated from each other after seeing something that they could easily make themselves. On a side note id also like to see what builders make. Iv never been good at building, but seeing all the crazy builds people are capable now days, compared to back in 2010 is pretty impressive.


While I don’t actively participate in these challenges, I am in a Roblox programming Discord server where CodinGame challenges in Lua are hosted daily. So yeah, I don’t agree that the dev forum is the best place for this.