Dev-Ex program questions

Hello guys im a developer with over 21k visits on my own games and 10.9millon visits contributed

, im very happy and proud of myself i have been scripting for 1 to two years now, i finnaly reached 31k robux,

rn i have that and i will recive 5k in some days, like this same week,

i got some questions, first one its, for the first thing where i do click the button convert to cash, im above 13+ but should i put my guardian info there or should i fill it out myself with my personal info? (she will be reciving the money but she will give me the money to me) im the owner of my account, if no to the first question and i should fill it out with my info, in any step should i fill out with my guardian info?,

also i got around 4200 robux on my account from some ugc limited resells, should i wait till i get the other 5k so i have 36k robux and i only devex 30k which may help with the thing that says that the robux from ugc would not count as earned? anything else that i should have in mind please tell me guys.

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Hello, so for cashout you just have to go to creator Dashboard > Finances > DevEx (
The requirement is to be 13 years+ so I advise you to fill it out with your information. And on the page you will see how much robux is eligible. But normally UGC counts as robux earned.

Also, if you need help about dev ex I advise you to look at the roblox documents for example here you have the requirements for DevEx: !

Yes thanks sadly its not much explained in there in the case if im 13+ and i want to devex with guardian bank account, for the tax form for non us resident she needs to fill it out?