Dev Ex Question

I recently developed a game that’s starting to bring in a good amount of robux and ill soon be able to Dev EX. However I already have a lot of robux in my account mostly from trading and selling limiteds. Im aware you can’t dev ex robux earned from that source and I was denied once before when I tried. However once I earn the 30k necessary (all from the game) will it be able to differentiate between that robux and the robux I currently have?

I’m unsure If I should use group payouts on my alt account and dev ex through that or just try to attempt it on my main and risk wasting that robux. Please someone with experience let me know.

They know where all robux comes from, you’re perfectly safe to insert it into your account.

Putting it into an alt is highly discouraged because you have to meet all the requirements again lol.

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Just like when it’s “pending” and you can’t pay it out, they are reviewing its source and everything.


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Just to add on, if your devex is declined, you will be refunded

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