Dev forum Feature Request! [Solved]

Hello there!

I have recently came up with an Idea as a Developer Forum feature!

My idea:

Allowing players to update their profile pictures to match their ROBLOX Profile picture as well.


When we are looking at our profile picture or whatever, it does not update to our ROBLOX Avatar profile picture.


I want this to be a new feature because it’s very unusual that it updates on the ROBLOX Website and ROBLOX App but not on the developer forums!

NOTE: The only reason I uppercase ROBLOX Is because I don’t have the strength to add the normal names of ROBLOX to my dictionary…

EDIT: Added bold and italic letters.


I disagree, You can either log out and log back in or log in using a different device, Roblox already provides a topic regarding that


I did not know that, let me check!

Relogin twice for it to update :100:


I’m pretty sure deleted items/shirts also show up on devforum profile pictures for some reason, like fake headlesses and/or innapropriate stuff, dunno how it works but i guess they don’t get deleted here

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See this, Roblox is fully aware (completely didn’t see @VSCPlays linking it, I blame bedtime mode on my phone)

Roblox has been working on a mechanism to fix this for what has probably been a few years at this point


Free solution badge :slight_smile: here u go

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