Dev Forum Is Throwing 502 Errors


So developer forum has now started to have these types of errors called 502 (an HTTP error), when I was using it today and yesterday. Before I thought it was some little thing, but now it has been happening more and more. My last error I had today luckily let me refresh the page, but these are still very annoying.

Here Is A Photo Example

Thanks For Reading! Any Help Is Appreciated! :grin:


I don’t think that old dev hub post you link and these errors are related at all because it’s entirely different software / deployment. 502 is just a HTTP status code.

I have been getting 502 errors too every now and then for the past 3 days.


Ah ok thanks for the note, I guess I will take that part out of my topic. Yeah 502 has been happening a lot with me sometimes it has a message saying bad gateway or try refreshing the page. I can show pictures when I get back on my pc.

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I’ve gotten these errors as well, but I don’t think it’s anything major. You usually can just open a new tab or browser session to solve the issue.

When I read this post, I thought that I was lucky enough to avoid this error. But no. I don’t have a screenshot of this, it’s just white background and text saying:

                            502 Bad Gateway


Can also confirm the 502 nginx error a few hours ago. Yesterday certain internal forum links would not load or took at least a minute to load.

That may be true, but I still believe it should be worked on, so it doesn’t become a problem for in the future and become more annoying. (@pewpie12302die I have a picture above you can look at now).

I’ve been getting these errors really often! It seems to happen on all my devices. When I get the error, I can’t do anything for about 10 seconds until refreshing finally brings things back to normal. Very annoying…

This is what it looks like on PC.

These errors are starting to come back to me again. I was trying to :heart: a post buildthomas had made, but it gave me the error. I would appreciate it if someone took action, Thanks!

It just happened, to me. I didn’t got those errors, like when I joined, It just happened today, to me. 3/7/2020. I want, to know will it be fixed?

So it has been a while now I thought this problem was finally resolved, but then…

I had gotten the issue again, and it happened like 10 times in a row. Does anybody have an idea of when this will get resolved?

Started: 2/12/20
Last Happened: 3/15/20

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Hello, I’m Paul I have a problem in accessing the DevForum for one I keep refreshing the website.
Every once a week I access the DevForum this happens,

Everytime I have to refresh for 10x and have to check my internet connection though that did not solve it until it automatically returned after a couple of minutes.
May I ask you guys your feedback on this?

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Well, many people are home from school and parents may be working home as well, which may lead to some traffic and crashes to the server here and there.

But I don’t think it isn’t critical, as this is a normal kind of error to this day.

Our forum runs on a separate machine independent of Roblox server machines, so this shouldn’t be directly caused by the frequent outages. I personally have not been getting any issues lately, so it may be only on your side. Try clearing your browser data, cache and cookies or revert any network settings you may have changed.

As far as I know, 502 errors are one of the pretty common errors that users get once in a while. It’s most likely caused by a high influx of traffic from people viewing the forum.

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Though, may I ask why does it say “nginx”?

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Dev Forum Is Throwing 502 Errors

I have been getting this error for a while now and I have no clue why because it only seems to last for a couple of minutes and then it goes away.

@Hooksmith is there any chance of getting this fixed or providing some information on why it is happening?

Nginx is one the softwares that the forum server uses.

Oh, ok. Now I get why the error’s message is just nginx.
But why this errors is sometimes a hinderance for people to access the DevForum. It will be really appreciated if they can fix this issue.