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So I am trying to write a alliance termination letter. Is there a way to make the forum private so people can only see it if I share the link with them? Or do you have any suggestions?

Private forum? Do you mean private topic? You can always link it in #bulletin-board. It won’t allow you to select specific people but it is muted by default. No one browses that category regularly—if you are reading a topic in Bulletin Board then it is likely because you were linked to it.

You could also do a group DM and invite your friends for extra insurance.


Yes, I meant private topic. So In bulletin board no one is allowed to see what I say about the termination. Also thanks for the help.

This isn’t necessarily true. As @incapaz pointed out, the category is not browsed regularly. However, there’s always a chance someone will find it through search, browsing, or your profile.

I’d go with the solution @incapaz incapaz mentioned—start a group DM.

Edit: In that case, #bulletin-board is the best place to put it.

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It doesn’t really matter if they find it through there I just don’t want it to be easily seen on like the home page.

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dont think you can really do that, iirc.

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In which case thats not possible, unless staff unlist it that I honestly extremely doubt they would waste their time doing given your use case.

However most people have the category muted so, as long as you don’t have emojis in the title, its only going to get 1-2 views.


Well by default you cannot stop this as all new user posts are added irregardless to or unless in bulletin board.

But the reality is, no one will bother to click it much. Also, I don’t believe “alliance termination letters” are appropriate usage as its not sharing content towards your community and its basically a waste of post.

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just make a pastebin using http service for a ban reason or show it in game

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Nothing is private.

On a group message, anyone can add or remove other users.

Bulletin board is not private, while many people don’t bother looking at it (since it is just spam), anyone can find it if they want to.

There is no private way to do this on the DevForum, due to the fact that the DevForum isnt meant for this.