Dev forum topic view history

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to go back and find previously read topics that provide information on the subject you’re struggling with.

I’ll be looking for a topic I saw a while ago for several minutes and, in some cases, hours because I don’t remember the name, and it’s stuffed away somewhere in my search history. This can become a huge inconvenience when a previously read thread can prove helpful to what I’m trying to develop.

I propose a system where you can go back through dev forum topics you’ve read to find the topic you’re looking for. You can search for it just like if you were to be searching for a regular topic in the search bar.

Adding such a feature would:

  1. Remove clutter from other sites I’ve previously visited, which is the problem I face when using my search history.
  2. Also remove the clutter of the same topic showing up multiple times in history due to replies on topics having links:
  3. Allow for easier access to topics already read.

(On a personal note, I’d very much rather this view history be private, to where only the user can view what they have read. It seems a little too personal for everyone to know what you’ve read.)


This is a discourse thing. You should try and request that at their meta forum.