Dev Hub Category Should Not Be Under Bug Reports


So recently, just a matter of hours actually, the platform feedback root category was dissolved into two: bug reports and feature requests. (Let us have a moment of silence and leave our condolences for the previous category). Anyways, this is a nice addition as it sorts features vs bugs, however, #platform-feedback:developer-hub is incorrectly “shoved” into one of those categories where in reality the category should accept both features and bugs.

Plus the inconsistency widens where the category guideline states:

This category is for reporting issues and requesting new content and features for the Roblox Developer Hub, which is the place to find technical documentation and tutorials on Roblox development.

Currently, both the name “Developer Hub Issues” and its deliberate placement in the #platform-feedback category contradicts it allowing feature requests. This can incorrectly convey that it is only meant for bugs while the category guideline says the opposite.


There are several ways to solve this:

  1. (Not the best method) Have another category for developer hub features. I don’t particularly like this since the “features” part is very niche.
  2. Place the dev hub category outside of the root category and rename it to “Developer Hub Feedback” or something. This is a much better method for many reasons:
    1. The DevHub is very unique to the other engine, studio, or platform features/bugs category, so it makes sense to separate it
    2. Including it as its own category means it can be categorized both as a feature and bug report category without actually choosing one of them
    3. The name itself doesn’t force it to be only “issues,” but rather UX and features as well

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Also the category #bug-reports is called #platform-feedback, so it is weird and annoying.


Apologies for the lack of staff replies here.

This was recently resolved since the categories for documentation are now split between issues and feature requests. Thanks for posting this.