Dev Log #1 - Life in Bloxpine - "The Beginnings"



Hello there (General Kenobi :woozy_face:)! Welcome to the very first Dev Log on “Life in Bloxpine”, a new production, a “city-life” game if you will. And before you say "Another one? :unamused: " and click off, here me out, we have a LOT of ideas and we can confirm we are going to be VERY unique and have a TON of ideas! Alright, well, what else do I have to say for this introduction, other than let’s just get right into it!

What the heck is this?

What the heck is this?

Well, look no further! Here’s a full explanation of the game so far.
Life in BloxPine is to its core a city game where you can essentially create a life of your own and just let your creativity run wild with building, creating your own virtual personality etc. Yes, it’s been done before, Bloxburg, Adopt Me, Overlook Bay, RoCitizens, but a lot of these listed game’s features don’t fit my personal ideals, which I’m sure match up with a lot of others. I’d love to make it big but I doubt we will. What this is is a game for anyone who finds it to enjoy, and a game to try to spice up what’s already provided on the platform, introducing a lot of requested features for these games (that they just won’t seem to add) and a lot of our own interesting ideas right from the bat! I also want to test my skills and see what I can develop! And my question to you, reader, is why not share this journey with you? Some examples of ideas we have are: massive, almost limitless customisation, much more realism than any other game, as many different dog (and other pet) breeds and colours as we can possibly implement, a huge, yet easy-to-navigate map that offers lots of places to explore, hidden secrets, exciting live events frequently, heck, we even have plans for a somewhat storyline to it! I’d love it if you could help spread the word and give us some ideas of what you would love to see!

Now… The moment you’ve all probably been waiting for…

Dev Log 1 - “The beginnings”

It all started around a month ago now, at the end of October, some stuff happened related to a community I was quite heavily involved in, I won’t go into that here as I wanna try and keep this post pretty positive! So, yeah, after that whole mess happened, I had to dump one of my projects and I was feeling pretty down. At that point, I was bored out of my mind and didn’t know how to feel. So, I began 3D Modelling, something I’d only dipped my feet into before. Little did I know how much I’d be able to do. It all started with this very tree, my very first full 3D Model.

And that tree would go onto become a little park area:

And that little park area would go on to become one of the most scenic parts of my game thus far:

It grew and grew, and became the foundation for a beautiful mountain range, and a forest that came later on:

Continuing on with the story, me and my team of close friends came up with idea after idea, built build after build, and realised that this is something we all had a passion for, something we were all excited to create and see grow! We started work on a house:

Pets: (a cute lil’ doggo is all we have so far :pleading_face: )

Some incredible nature and waterfalls:

A forest that will have a lot more to discover than what meets the eye, and no, it isn’t just extraordinary views :eyes:

And my current project, the UI for the game. Let’s get to know me a little, personally, I specialise in building and UI Design (which you could be able to tell since they are the only things I have done so far :laughing:). I really, really love designing UI! It’s one of my favourite things to do! So this has been one of the best parts of the process for me so far. The UI was inspired by Animal Crossing New Horizons, while most may think it is inspired by RoCitizens because yes, the UI is a phone!

This is something I have been yet to reveal to the public eye, and honestly I believe this is some of my best UI work. The cool stuff about the phone isn’t the design, really, it’s more the animations and tweens I’ve learnt. I’m genuinely so glad that I started this, because this is certainly my most complex (and finished) UI so far! Each app has a clear purpose, “Map” is obvious enough, “Shopping” you guessed it I’m sure, “Settings” :thinking: I wonder what this could be for, “Mail” HmMmmMmMmmm :man_shrugging:. Actually, this one may be slightly harder to guess. Let me introduce to you a planned feature for BloxPine:


The mail app is about what you can expect, you can send letters to other players, include gifts, and get notifications, updates and more from us, the developers, ourselves! This will be quite helpful as all the social media updates will be posted to this app, as well as the update logs, so anyone <13 will be able to find the leaks etc. very easily.

I apologise for making such a big deal out of it, I am just quite proud of this UI and really wanted to show it off:

Now, final thing before I spoil the whole game, just a teensy weensy leak:
.-- . / .-- … .-… .-… / … .- …- . / .- / … - — .-. -.-- / – — -… .

Thank you so much for reading this first dev log, I have so many ideas I can’t wait to reveal and get out there! Please give any feedback and note that this is a WIP, things are bound to change for certain. I hope you are liking what you are seeing and if you are, please support us in any way you see fit, whether that just be sharing it with others who may enjoy it, or just giving us verbal feedback and support, I’m excited to reveal everything else we have to show!

Happy developing,
Trophy(welcomer), Owner of Trophy Productions and BloxPine Studio