Dev product "not for sale"?

So I created multiple dev products for my game, and the ones I created last week work, but the new ones I created 2 days ago don’t.


I’ve been getting these errors since the creation of them.

I checked the code I’m using and it seems to be all correct, using PromptProductPurchase() to prompt the purchases.

To my knowledge, there is no “For Sale” option on developer products, so these errors should be impossible.

The settings page for one of seven broken products:

The settings page for one of six working products:

Both use the same image, have no description and have everything else required (Name and price)

I don’t know where to put this, as it doesn’t seem to be a scripting error, but instead, a roblox bug.
(and I cant post in the bug reports topic)

it works fine for me, maybe you did something wrong there

  • you uploaded it as a gamepass
  • you put the wrong product id in the PromptProductPurchase thing
  • filled in the other 2 useless parameters idk
  • script commit fail
  • game publish fail
  • used the wrong function
  • roblox is being slow for your server

Look at the first attached screenshot again

The product IDs are correct, I have replaced them twice now, and I get the same errors.

I’m reusing code from the dev product purchasing that works.

Nope, it would say if it failed and it hasnt, plus my friend can see the changes.

The game is on the newest version, the errors happen in both studio and ingame.

Again, I copy pasted code from the working code.

Again, I’ve been getting this error for 2 days, plus, it says the product “isn’t for sale” which wouldn’t be a internet issue.

Can you Paste your script in here? I had a similar issue and I am wondering if it’s what I had.

I deleted the older code from the donation board the products were on, and then scripted this (which replaced the working product purchasing) for testing and got the same error.

-- Local script in StarterGui
		-- MarketplaceService:PromptProductPurchase(Player, Product) -- This is the working products
		MarketplaceService:PromptProductPurchase(Player, Products2[1].ProductId) -- Doesnt work despite IDs being correct

Can I see the table of Products2[1].ProductId? And are you able to just paste the Id instead of: “Products2[1].ProductId”. If you at least try with just the normal numbers and it works, that can help us know if it’s a scripting Error or not, as the rest looks normal. Because what it looks like is your script is finding some string of numbers, just maybe not the string of numbers to your Product Id.

Update: The IDs are wrong because for some reason roblox gave me the wrong IDs when I created them?? idk.

When creating Badges and Gamepasses, I can get the ID by clicking the “Copy Asset ID” button, which works fine, I copied the IDs from the dashboard when I made the Badges and Gamepasses.

But when i go to copy the IDs of the products from the same page, they’re wrong.

I’m new to using the creator dashboard, I guess roblox messed up when making that part of it.

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Are you able to get the New Ids, or do you need to know how to find them? if you go into the URL of the website, that’s not the Id

Also, Roblox did not mess up on their part. It’s just a bit of miscommunication with newer developers and the dash board. That Id is the Asset Id. It Has other Values as a Asset. However, the Asset and Product Id are 2 different Ids to represent 2 different Uses. One to Use for the Prompt & the marketplace, Another for the Asset it self (Like if I want to load the gamepass Image, info ect.) Why not have only 1 Id to do these actions? Idk!

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