Dev Products created in Game Settings not appearing on site

Reproduction Steps
I created a dev product in studio using the Game Settings menu. When I go to the website and Configure, they do not appear on the Developer Products tab (so I can’t edit their descriptions or images, as those options are not available in the studio edit)

Expected Behavior
The products created from studio to also appear on the website

Actual Behavior
They do not appear

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly


The workaround is to make devproducts in the website instead, I expected something like this. That’s why I do most stuff on the website

No. Otherwise I’d then have 2 products of the same thing. This should work.

Uhh no? I said do it only on the website, so you won’t get a duplicate, when I did that it also popped up on the studio dev product list.

I’ve already uploaded them on studio tho. So its too late

You can delete the developer product and do it on the website.

Just did a test, it works for me. I create a dev product in GameSettings and I can see it in the Configure Place page.
@NinjoOnline do you know is it reproduceable.