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Hello DevForum! I am looking for a PHP and CSS fluent programmer to help redesign my concept website service (formerly named Rohire, I am still in the process of rebranding) to meet the standards for a professional job board website.

DevBlox is a service allowing Roblox developers and creators to connect and hire others in an improved format to replace poor-quality Discord servers and other similar services cough DevForum cough.


I am mainly looking for someone who would be willing to collaborate on this project for the pure motivation of creating a powerful community tool rather than profit. yes I am broke, but we can arrange some payment if necessary, preferably under $75 USD

The good news is the functionality is all there! The website just needs a proper facelift and a proper domain before release.


If you would like to view the current website, you can do so here:


Here is my tweet:


To contact me, you can DM me on Discord at n_arc#6614. Thank you!



The project looks pretty interesting. I have built https://bloxtech.tech together with @chrisopdemobiel. However, $75 looks a little low in my eyes, but maybe not too much has to be done.

Feel free to contact me. marketmanager1#6749

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What Market said is right.

I’m interested in your offer too, @n_arc. I’m experienced in website design (Bootstrap and Material Design frameworks, like Material Design Lite and Materialize) and PHP engineering (experienced in frameworks like Laravel and vanilla PHP code too).

For more information, I’m available for DevForum PM’s and you can contact me on Discord too. For security and privacy reasons, please PM me for my username and discriminator tag.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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