DevComp Hiring For a AMAZON Type Project (Open)

About Us

Hi there! I am going to make an amazon type asset market place type project. We need people to help make this become a reality. It is a website with a bunch of items to purchase and has contact info for them and everything. You start at the website with the products listed they have a link to a group product which you then buy. The seller then gets paid through group funds. All products are approved :+1: We provide security with each purchase through the form of having to apply to be a seller and having to pay a membership fee so they don’t do anything bad. This will most likely finish in a few weeks.

How we make our profit

We take a cut from each purchase of 10% and the sellers pay a membership fee of 150 R$ a month as of now, and we also accept donations

About The Job

We are looking for sellers as well as people to help the development of our discord server. The seller membership price is free to START.

– Moderators

– People to help set up the discord server

– Sellers



You get paid in 90 of the profit your product makes as sellers, moderators do not get paid, discord set up helpers will not get paid at the start BUT will be paid in several free assets from the store.

Contact Us

Contact me on Discord for more details OR if you want to be a seller.

Discord: Wizzardofazz#8707

There will be following post with updates.
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Sounds like an interesting concept, but I don’t see why people would want to join your platform. Paying a membership fee as well as losing 10% of their profits for promotion doesn’t seem to be very inticing, especially on a platform that has yet to prove to be popular.

I’ll watch from afar to see what becomes of it.


Thank you this is the first time we made this public so we are open to changing it thanks for your feedback.

I see this happen a lot, the concept of providing a safe service for both clients and developers has been around a long time. I really don’t see any benefits a developer gets for joining servers or markets like this unless you already provide something that they cannot get anywhere else. Yes, roblox does need something like this, but there are already many discord servers provide these at no extra charge which makes it harder since you’re charging membership fee and taking 10% of someones work.


I don’t agree with the membership fee but I understand the 10% cut. You could also sell game passes like, being able to sell multiple items at a time, or advertisements to increase sale, you could also let people advertise their groups or be able to hire builders and scripters and stuff.

soz If this is confusing

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So we provide direct marketing AND an easier way to do that than the asset marketplace

Ok i like that idea what would you propose against the membership fee?

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What if someone contacts people through discord and doesn’t buy it on the website? then they get their 10% back. But, really think about this… A player sells something for 100 and they only get 60? Also, how would they get the robux? How would the robux transfer when the player buys it on the website? You really haven’t given details…

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That i why they pay a membership so they have omething to lose if they pay it privatly and i find out, also if you dont get any sale in ceartain time it gets taken down because of that posiblity of them buying it privatly

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I like this idea in principle, but is there a concern that ROBLOX shuts it down because they don’t want robux to be handled in transactions through third party websites without oversight?

So it is not through third party websites it is like the dev forum but more formal like the asset market place

But you’re hosting the website separately from the Devforum or any other Roblox sponsored venue?

I personally think that concepts and ideas like these are not ever really thought out. Personally, when you are trying to market assets for different developers it will be a hassle.

You will have a great deal of work for the verification of them buying the membership, preventing people from knocking off the product and selling for cheaper, proper customer information security, compensation to developers of the sold products.

If you were to continue with this idea, it will be a huge headache for advertising, keeping up with things that will sell, customer support with products, compensation to the developers, and the actual purchases of assets.

You will have to have communication with your website to Roblox and back an fourth, also with Discord. You will also need to automate a lot of features like payouts, invoices, etc to keep track of what customers buy.

If you were to expand and this builds into a moderate size, you will have to keep up with the growing need of assets, from easy to difficult. I also don’t think developers that can easily try and advertise themselves, would give up 10% of asset and you take it.


I thank you for the ur feed back I have updated the post on the transactions take a look at it

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maybe up the 10% to 20? because someone who is selling something for a low amount of robux will use this platform, its most likely someone selling something for a high amount of robux so you get more money. You could also make it, to put something up for sale/hire they would have to spend a certain amount of robux to put it up.

honestly if you were SUPER serious about this and you thought it out really well, you could propose your idea to ROBLOX so you can buy it straight up and robux is transferred to the devs account, and all the other ideas you had.

we will see want to be a seller?

no thx, im not looking to sell anything at the moment

what you are trying to do is exactly like any website where you can upload and sell virtual stuff.
example this website.
i just searched for roblox in gumroad and found a bunch of stuff.

so it ihas a bunch of stuff to buy you select an itam then it takes you to a group product to buy