Develop Page Status Icons

Not going to follow the standard layout since this is more of a quality-of-life thing and doesn’t hinder any ability to develop. It’s about the Develop Page and how much more messy (and in my opinion ugly) it got when the Experimental Mode notices were added.
I frequently (and although maybe not a good habit to have) create new places to test different things ranging from physics, to a UI. This means I have a bunch of places on my develop page. The issue is, on most of these, since they’re used for testing, there is a big bright orange “Experimental Mode” box on each of them. This looks very messy and frankly, it doesn’t need to occupy this much space. At first I was thinking it’d be better to move it to a little icon next to the title, but it evolved into this idea. Instead of having that text, have it be some status indicators above the Edit/Config buttons to the right.

The two I bothered to add in this screenshot are Experimental Mode and Copylock status (green or grey).
I was also thinking an icon to represent that there are active VIP servers in that game would be useful, but would only show if the game has VIP servers enabled.
This would make the page cleaner and cut down on the amount of space the Experimental Mode notice uses, while giving other statuses a spot to go if they become useful.